Dedicated to the AMERICAN ALSATIAN™ since 1987

The World's First Large Breed Companion Dog

This breed excels as a COMPANION and SERVICE dog as this is the only large breed of dog to be specifically bred for COMPANIONSHIP and nothing else!

This website is dedicated to the first dog breed club "Breeder's Association" where we regulate and standardize each and every strongbred American Alsatian™ breeder within the American Alsatian™ breed. No other dog breed club or registry can give you the peace of mind that you have when breeders unite and work together toward an exceptionally healthy strongbred dog! Join us as we take you into the truly unique American Alsatian™ World of Breeding.

A letter from the founder:


We are the ONLY club that we know of that has within its main body, 'sub-clubs' that are specific to their own nature.

We know of NO OTHER CLUB that has a complete BREED CLUB affiliated DEPARTMENT that is solely concerned with BREEDERS...

We know of NO OTHER CLUB that has a BREEDER'S BOARD that is concerned, fair and just in matters of the breeding of their breed and the guidance of the breed as a whole in the direction of the HEALTH of the entire breed.

We have SPECIFICALLY set this entire breed club up in this manner to PROTECT THE BREED and we are very serious about it.

It is because our dogs are

  • NON BARKING, and
that the majority of our people have chosen this breed. It is also because of these qualities in our breed, if we are consistent and strict concerning these matters, that we shall continue to PROSPER as a collective unit of conscientious BREEDERS.

When we allow any arguments, disruption, non compliance towards the strict BYLAWS, then we allow the WHOLE club and people as well as the breed to deteriorate. It is then that all of us LOSE.

~Lois Schwarz ~

Feburary 16, 2010