American Alsatian Temperament

Expectations of the American Alsatian breed

  • 1-2 A puppy who scores here is NOT a strongbred American Alsatian. We do NOT have puppies who score here. Plain and simple. With the first generations we did, hence the numbers remain in order to compare the outcross and the strongbred American Alsatian to a base.
  • 3-4 Strongbred American Alsatians never score this low. Some outcrosses score here. We are not impressed at this score, but will keep notes and see what they do in further testing.
  • 5-6 A score of 5 is the average for puppies of an outcross breeding. If the pup is an F-1 and scores here, ok. F-2's scoring here is ok. F-3's scoring here is not as good. We expect them to rise with the temperament test #3. This is a lower score for a strongbred American Alsatian.
  • 7-8 This is a pretty good score for first, second, and third generation outcross dogs. This is an ok score for a strongbred American Alsatian. Some of our strongbred American Alsatian puppies may score here. We will note the reasons and socialize and guide the pup accordingly.
  • 9-10 This is an exceptional score for an outcross. We expect our strongbred American Alsatian puppies to score here.
  • 10+ This is the ultimate score for our breed.

Temperament Test #1 - Birth to 3 Days Old
(ears and eyes are closed, crawling, sense of smell developing, no teeth)

How does this pup come out of sack and into the world?
1-2 Came out still in the sack rear feet first. Mom had to take the sack off. Very energetic and crying non stop.
3-4 Came out without a sack. Extremely energetic. Cries and struggles when mom licks and moves it. This pup is strong and determined. May get upset and bark or growl.
5-6 Very energetic, pushed his/her way into the world. Lots of movement such as bobbing head, moving feet back and forth. Some grunting, but not very loud or noisy.
7-8 Does not mind mom licking, picking up or holding him. May squirm somewhat and grunt but not much.
9-10 May grunt a tad but not much. Is more of a thinker. Some movement, but not much. Lies still when mom licks or moves it.
10+ Does not care about any licking or movement. Breaths, and thinks. This pup is quiet and muscular and goes straight for milk when all of the excitement is over.
2. Noises this pup makes during the first 8 hours of life
1-2 Cries, wimpers, grunts, and screams non-stop. Has a high-pitched voice.
3-4 Wimpers if pushed or prodded. Grunts while eating. May scream at times and/or has a high-pitched voice.
5-6 Is only quiet while eating. Otherwise, grunting and wimpering. No high-pitched screaming or crying.
7-8 Grunts when picked up or moved. Otherwise, not noisy.
9-10 Is quiet when suckling, and moved or touched. Rarely noisy. Very deep throaty growl or bark when heard.
10+ Does not make any noises. This includes when suckling, being picked up or moved, pushed, or prodded.
3. What is the energy level of this pup?
1-2 Very high energy level at all times. Goes from one place to another and cannot find the milk. This pup may stray away from the litter and not know where he is. Will cry for mom.
3-4 When touched this pup goes into action pushing and trying to go forward. Moves head all around looking for millk.
5-6 Will not lay still in your hands but otherwise is content when with mom or littermates.
7-8 Is always eating. Does not want to be taken from mom. Moves to get back. Otherwise, this pup is content and does not move much.
9-10 Pushes everyone out of the way whenever it wants to. Is content when suckling, eats and then sleeps. If there is not any milk he will push others away to find one.
10+ Lays still in your hands and does not care about anything but food and sleep. More laid back and mellow about anything that happens to it.
4. What is the reaction of this pup to the first medical examination?
1-2 This pup hates the examination and cries, yells and squirms to get away. Continues to cry for no reason, will not stop crying until placed with mom and finds milk. Is full of energy. This pup may yawn in defiance. But mostly yells or screams.
3-4 This pup is noisy and dislikes the examination, but does not scream or yell. Tries to get off the scale. When placed on the floor next to mom this pup is still traumatized by the ordeal until mom nudges the pup who then forgets and finds milk.
5-6 This pup is quiet but yawns in defiance. Squirms when on its back and does not like your fingers in its mouth. Otherwise this pup is ok and is not traumatized. It does not have an elevated heart-rate and/or cries or screams.
7-8 This pup is quiet and mellow until turned on its back. At this point, the pup tries to turn back over then puts up a fight. Calms back down when put right side up. Lies still on the scale. Is happy to get back with mom and find milk. This pup is not traumatized by the ordeal.
9-10 This pup may yawn as instinct permits, but does not make any noises or movements during the examination. May grunt upon turning over, but does not fight or squirm. Is absolutely not traumatized by the ordeal.
10+ This pup is very similar to 9-10 but yawns less or not at all. This pup may fall asleep in the cup of your hand. Is certainly not traumatized by the ordeal.
5. What is the reaction of this pup when turned over on its back?
1-2 Stiff or will not be turned over. This pup is traumatized! Heartbeat is elevated. May scream in defiance. Very hyper and squirmy.
3-4 No struggle heartbeat elevated. Stiff. This pup is traumatized.
5-6 Heart beat slightly elevated. May cry out in protest. May try and trick you to get back up right. Gives in and is still. Not traumatized.
7-8 This pup struggles and/or whimpers slightly at first but then lays there. Not stiff and does not have feet tucked under. This pup is not traumatized in any way.
9-10 No struggle, but may yawn. This pup's body is completely relaxed. This pup is not traumatized in any way.
10+ Lays there relaxed and does not care. Is in no way traumatized. Does not yawn. May fall asleep.
6. What is the reaction of this pup when placed back with its mother?
1-2Cries and or howls, moves around in a circle head bobbing every which way. Does not seem to know which way is the right way to go.
3-4Cries and or howls but is not as loud. Finally starts to try and locate his mom and is quiet as he thinks and smells and moves in a circle.
5-6Is strong and moves around in a circle, thinking sniffing, smelling and trying to locate some movement or feel of littermates or mom. May whimper slightly.
7-8Is calm and is a thinker. Moves head back and forth trying to locate mom. Finally starts moving straight in the direction of mom and littermates.
9-10 Knows exactly where he is in relationship to mom and littermates, can sense it. Takes his time and is sure of the direction. May go off in wrong direction but fixes it without incident. No noise is made.
10+ Does not really care. Just lays there. Finally feels mom or littermates or senses them. Then moves straight towards them. May wait until mom touches him. He knows his direction then and is sure of himself.
7. What is the reaction of this pup when touched by a human?
1-2 Freezes and/or screams. Wants to get its head under something.
3-4 Startles and cries and tries to get away. Jerks his head or body away from your touch. Not stiff.
5-6 Immediately yawns and may take his head back away from human.
7-8 Yawns and is alert, but not stiff.
9-10 Thinks about it may yawn. Not stiff
10+ Thinks about it, is alert, but does not really care